Hello, everyone.

On September the 14th, 2020 at 18:00, we will be participating in an online event where we discuss the mechanisms utilised by enforcement agents in eviction proceedings, along with giving our insight into what you should do and how you should react if you are in the process of being evicted from your home.

This educational event will contain enlightening information concerning the dialogue that you should use and the responses that you should give to enforcement agents who are engaging in eviction action against you.

We will also be covering the role that local authorities can play in eviction proceedings, plus what actions they can and cannot take.

The event will include an easy to understand presentation that highlights the key areas surrounding the steps typically taken during evictions, as well as the types of paperwork that commonly need to be produced in the majority of these scenarios, for your peace of mind that you are sufficiently informed of the instruments necessary so as to ensure that the relevant legal requirements have been met in accordance with the law.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge that you require so that you feel both confident in and capable of facing such a harrowing and traumatic situation, and we will additionally be introducing preliminary access to further resources that we will be making available on our website in due course.

Bringing clarity and objectivity, regarding eviction proceedings, to people across the country is our principal aim.

If you wish to join the online event, you can register here.